Bylaws and Operating Procedures:  Chairperson, Maggie Fisher

Education: Chairperson, Shirley Meade

Finance and Real Property: Chairman, Scott Amey

Financial Audit: Chairperson, Barbara Tenney


     Pumpkin Patch: Chairperson, Maureen Miller

     Fall Festival Concession Stand: Chairperson, Kathy Baldeck

     Holiday Home Tours: Chairperson, Maggie Fisher, Shirley Grantham 
     Heritage Festival: Chairpersons, Maggie Fisher and Maureen Miller 
     Spring Fling Concession Stand: Chairperson, Kathy Baldeck 

     Yard Sale: Caroline Austin  

Education: Chairperson, Maureen Miller
Finance and Real Property: Chairperson, Scott Amey
Fundraisers: All Directors

Membership: Chairperson, Jacci Schwartz

Grants and Foundation Funding: Chairperson, Scott Amey  

Membership Meetings: Chairperson, Scott Amey

Preservations and Projects: Chairman, Jose Lopez, Jason Petrashek

Nominations & Election: Chairperson,   

Publications: Chairperson, Maggie Fisher

      Website:  Scott Amey
      Facebook: Stephanie Smith
      Proof Reading: Shirley Meade


 Research: Chairperson, Shirley Meade, Historian